Covid Protection
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COVID-19 provisions and booking conditions
To face the new global emergency related to "COVID 19" we have implemented a policy of review of our charter and booking conditions:
charter and booking conditions:The possibility of issuing a voucher equal to the amount paid is given, exclusively in the following cases:
  • Lockdown in the client's country of origin or in Italy on the dates of the charter (also with the blocking of travel from one's region to departure);
  • Compulsory quarantine of at least 7 days in Italy or in the customer's country after returning from holidays;
  • Travel ban officially imposed by the Italian government or by that of the client's country of origin;
  • Our voucher is valid for a maximum of 12 months from the original departure date.
Please note: the above conditions may be  changed on a periodic basis according to the regulations in force. Please consult our website for all updates or contact us at or by calling +393477602394.
Voucher conditions:
  • The amount of the voucher is applicable to any booking relating to a boat from our fleet in our bases and for any period (of a duration equal to or greater than the original confirmation) within 12 months of the original departure date;
  • The price of the new confirmation must be equal to or greater than the original contract;
  • Special offers are not applicable  when using our voucher, but regular discounts only;
  • The amount of the voucher will be calculated as a discount on the new offer and the new confirmation;
  • The remaining amount will be treated as a new contract, therefore it must be paid regularly in the special ways due to our Covid-19 policy, that is: 30% upon confirmation, within 7 days of sending our proforma invoice, while the balance equal to 70% within 30 days of the charter departure date.
Additional Conditions and Tips for Covid-19 protection:
  • We guarantee sanitation on all our boats certified according to the legislation in force at the time of boarding;
  • We will provide free masks and sanitizing gel for the entire crew for the period of the holiday on board!
  • As for the galley, we recommend that you send us a list of what customers would like to find on board before their arrival (with an additional cost equal to 20% of the total amount ordered);
  • We will make a personal check-in with a time to be agreed with the customers to avoid any potential contagion as per government suggestions;
Hoping that you are satisfied with our conditions and that this hard time ends as soon as possible for everyone, we wish you all the best!
It is possible to insert an option on the boat (s), i.e. you can temporarily block a boat of your interest for a short period of time ranging from 1 to a maximum of 3 days, without any constraints and costs, within this period you can definitively confirm the boat (s), at the expiry of the option the boat (s) will become available to the public again.
  • 30% within 7 days of booking confirmation;
  • 70% within 30 days before the departure date.
The accepted payment methods are: Bank Transfer - Credit Card - PayPal - Cash (within the limits imposed by the tax regimes at the time of booking).
Security Deposit:

The security deposit must be paid at check-in by pre-authorization by credit card (Visa or Mastercard cards only) or in Cash (within the limits imposed by the tax regimes at the time of booking), it must be paid before departure, also if customers have already purchased personal insurance before leaving.

The boats are in possession of suitable RC and Kasko policies with deductible. The security deposit covers all damages caused or suffered by the boat during the charter, up to a maximum amount equal to the deposit itself.

In the event of damage exceeding the deposit left, the excess is covered by the insurance policies of the boats.

In the event that damage does not exceed the amount of the deposit left by the customer, the difference will be returned upon disembarkation.

In the event that there is no damage, the full refundable amount will be returned upon disembarkation.

Check-in | Check-out:
  • Check-in: Saturday from 17:00 to 19:30. (subject to natural light conditions for the control / delivery of the boat); Early Check-in (priority boarding) available only on request between 13:00 and 15:00 (paid service € 150.00);
  • Check out: Return of the boat - Friday by 4.30 pm (with control / delivery of the boat); Disembarkation - Saturday morning before 08:00. The first and last night at the marina of belonging are included in the price.

Extras must be paid on a cash basis;

Animals on board:

We are Pet friendly, you can request the presence of animals on board by paying an extra cleaning fee (€ 150.00).

However, it is not always possible to accept all breeds and sizes of animals on board. It depends on the spaces available on board. Therefore, we reserve the right to accept based on each request. Please request it explicitly directly when the boat is available so that we can evaluate and answer you before confirming the booking.

  • Over 31 days of departure, 30% of the total amount is withheld.
  • In case of cancellation less than 30 days before departure, 100% of the total amount will be retained.
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