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Who we are

Inti Charter was founded in 2018, it all begins with the passion for the sea of two friends who subsequently decided to give life to a dynamic work project.

Our motto is:

For those who don't want to keep their feet on the ground

we aim for excellence to be second to none!

Inti is a boat rental company in the Mediterranean, a shared passion between two friends that turns into a real job. We work with the most reliable boats and with professionals in the sector in order to offer you an unforgettable holiday. We will be by your side during every step, starting from the choice of the destination and the boat that best suits your needs, in the itinerary and transfer program. The deep knowledge we have of the place will allow us to create your perfect itinerary, we select restaurants, beaches, ports every year and we suggest only the most spectacular attractions. 

We pamper our guests

We are committed, thanks above all to the suggestions of Clients, to become one of the first charter companies, leader in the rental of boats in northern Sicily, and who knows maybe in the future also of new destinations.

Every year we make the holidays of many fans unforgettable, offering enchanting sea, tasty local dishes and amazing sunsets. We will let you explore the wonders of the sea on board one of our boats, in Sicily. We will be your mentor, suggesting the most suggestive local itineraries and we will give you maximum assistance 24 hours a day during navigation. 

Nautical experts

Our staff is made up of nautical experts, now in the sector for over 20 years.

Young, dynamic, creative, available for all your needs and desires, they will be able to advise you on the best solutions for your holidays.

Our base managers will be able to dispel any doubts about running the boat and will suggest the best navigation routes. 

Our boats

All our boats are new and equipped with every comfort and accessory. Maintenance is continuous and scheduled, safety and reliability combined with the beauty of the itineraries will allow us to make your cruise unforgettable.

Destinazioni: Egadi Islands - North Sicily - Pantelleria - Aeolian Islands

Choose the boat tailored for you


Each of our services is customizable so do not hesitate to write to us or ask us any questions we will do everything to make your cruise unforgettable! 

Chef on board
A chef on board with you who will know how to cook the best Sicilian delicacies and who will teach you the best recipes.
Sports equipment
Choose your sports: supboard, floating mats, snorkeling equipment, canoes and water scooters. You can explore the most exclusive bays with the best equipment.
Galley ready
You write us your favorite dishes and drinks and we will make sure you find everything on board upon arrival.
Private base
In the utmost privacy and in front of your boat you can leave your car which will be guarded 24/7.
Flexibility is our strength. We will pick you up by land or sea and drop you off according to your preference.
Local skippers
We are always present for any advice on events, restaurants and the best way to spend your cruise in Sicily.
24/7 assistance
Contact us at any time, a specialized team will always be ready to assist you.
Planned itineraries
You can choose from the best itineraries and we can customize them to make them tailor-made for you.
Staff on board
Thanks to our network we can suggest professional and qualified personnel for your cruise: stewards, hostesses and babysitters. 

The advantages of traveling by catamaran

Why renting a catamaran?

Is it enough to tell you that you will be sailing on a house? Approximately 100sqm of floor space.


The catamaran represents a perfect world for children, made of adventures in complete safety thanks to the large spaces present.


The exteriors are certainly beautiful, but have you ever seen the insides? Huge living rooms completely surrounded by huge windows.

All cabins have independent bathrooms, electrical outlets, fans and wardrobes for all your clothes.

Our experience with Inti was phenomenal from start to finish. We toured the Egadi islands in September but know very little about neither sailing nor the area. The whole team was incredibly helpful and generous. We couldn’t have had a better experience - from the helpful (and patient) Giuseppe who helped us choose the right boat and route, to our knowledgeable and kind tutor.
Catherine Horwill
Settimana alle Egadi con astrea 42 insuperabile! Barca con tutti i confort nuova e molto pulita. Prima volta con skipper dopo una bruttissima esperienza in Croazia. Di solito viaggiamo con amici che hanno la patente Nautica. Salvo è stato eccezionale ci ha riconciliato con l’idea dello skipper. Non solo ci ha assecondato in tutte le nostre richieste ma ha condotto il cat in modo perfetto sempre calmo e padrone in ogni situazione. Grazie inti e grazie salvo. Consigliatissimo!
Alessandra Livraga
Abbiamo passato una splendida vacanza alle isole Egadi in Agosto in 10 ragazzi. Il catamarano era spazioso e pulito. Lo skipper, Antonio, è preparato, super gentile e disponibile, cucina divinamente e non ha pretese dagli ospiti in termini di attività da svolgere sulla barca. La nostra hostess, Giulia, è stata sempre molto gentile e servizievole sia nell’assistere lo skipper che nell accontentare ogni nostra richiesta, e anche nel tenere pulita e ordinata la barca è sempre stata impeccabile. Veramente consigliato!
Eleonora Sirena
Che dire: questa vacanza con Inti Charter su Saona 47 è stata una esperienza indimenticabile. Un grazie ad Antonio e Greta che ci hanno coccolati per tutte le nostre vacanze. Grande organizzazione dall'inizio alla fine. Grazie Fabio e Francesco. VIVIAMO DI ATTIMI....RENDIAMOLI UNICI!!!
Piepaolo Barin


The routes are endless, we can create them together or you can choose from itineraries designed with the utmost care. Imagine observing the Egadi Islands, Favignana, Levanzo and Marettimo from an exclusive point of view, the sea.

You will sail between coves and unique landscapes, eating the products of our land, among scents and colors that you will not be able to forget.

Cefalù is about 32 miles by boat from the Sicilian capital, it is one of the most fascinating destinations on the north coast of Sicily.

Ancient, rich in history, architecture and with its amazing views it is a must! Its beaches are among the most beautiful in Italy confirmed by the blue flags that the coast of Cefalù collects every year.

The magnificent panorama offered by the coast of Cefalù leaves you breathless. And even more, if you stop for an excursion to the fortress that dominates the small town of French origin.

When the sun goes down on the sea, the beach is transformed into a timeless romantic landscape.

It is always nice to watch the sunset from the beach, but it is even more beautiful to turn your back to the setting sun and look towards the gulf, skirting the shores on board our boats.

Egadi Islands
"The Egadi islands are famous for its enchanting coves, unspoiled seabeds and surprising encounters with a great marine biodiversity.

A few miles from Marsala, located east of Sicily, within one of the largest marine protected areas in Europe, which protects the islands and preserves them, to allow everyone to fully enjoy its enchanting and unspoiled coasts.

Favignana is the largest of the three islands, it is better known as "" The Butterfly "" thanks to its butterfly shape. Its waters are crystal clear, in cobalt blue bays and limestone cliffs.

Levanzo is the smallest of the Egadi islands, but it offers a lot. Peace and tranquility are assured and the stressful city life soon becomes a distant memory. One of its main attractions is the "Grotta dei Genovesi", where you can admire ancient "graffiti".

Marettimo is ideal for those seeking peace and tranquility, as it is largely preserved from tourism, being the most isolated of the islands. Spectacular limestone cliffs plummet into the cobalt blue sea, endless vistas abound, and mountain trails offer wonderful walks.

The Egadi islands are famous for the "Red Tuna", formerly fished and processed in the Favignana trap since 1859. You cannot miss the opportunity to taste real fresh fish, perhaps accompanying it with a delicate local wine.

At the Egadi we are sure that peace and tranquility are assured and the stressful life of the city soon becomes a distant memory. Perfect for pure sailors. With crystal clear waters and intense winds, which blow more in the low season, it is ideal for everyone even for the less experienced.

When you set sail with your boat whether it is catamaran or monohull, you will be amazed by the transparent waters and the picturesque cliffs that you will see.

Aeolian Islands
Unique of their kind, the Aeolian Islands offer a dream scenario, imposing and majestic cliffs.

They rise on an alternation of transparent sea and deep blue, from those waters that mirror a nocturnal lunar landscape, and small active volcanoes, so beautiful as to inspire verses, words and images of the most sensitive artists, this is the charm of nature. Land of perfumes and unforgettable dishes, able to satisfy demanding palates, with cannoli, malvasia delle Lipari and granitas of all tastes, and with their waters that will sweep away the stress of the city and offer full enjoyment to your senses. Extraordinary, they will seduce you with their naturalistic riches, with their historical-cultural heritage and with the mythological atmosphere that you breathe, the cradle of a culture that has known various dominations in history, they are the natural and living testimony of a culture who did not submit to the rulers, but who knew how to marry the old traditions with the new.

Lipari the largest and most populated, a lively, picturesque and fascinating place. Famous for its white beach under the floating pumice stone quarries, full of hiking trails to reach the best viewpoints on the island.

Volcano Its perpetually smoking crater, therapeutic mud baths, thermal springs, black sand and the typical scent of sulfur make this island completely different from anything you can see in the rest of the archipelago, almost as if you were in wandering on an unexplored planet in every sense.

Salina with its nature reserve that occupies more than half of the island with its forest of Ferns, with its scent of wild fennel and oregano, and for the abundance of wineries specialized in Malvasia wine, whose bunches are exposed on the terraces so that the sun helps them to reach the right sugar content. Typically it took its name from the small lake of brackish water from which in the past the salt was obtained, do not miss the possibility of a relaxing walk on its promenade that runs along its pebble beach mixed with sand.

Stromboli Very small, but characterized by an ambiguous mountain structure 920 meters high with depths of 1200 meters thanks to its volcano, one of the few in the world to be constantly active, defined since ancient times the Lighthouse of the Tyrrhenian. Imagine yourself offshore, sitting on a boat, at sunset, with your glass of bubbles in your hand while enjoying one of its small and continuous eruptions and its spectacular jets of fire.

Panarea One of the most renowned destinations of international tourism. This natural jewel has enchanted artists, writers, stylists and musicians to the point of becoming, in the summer, a real red carpet! The night here begins his show, the clubs, the music, the streets are filled with life and the fun lights up. It can be defined as the glamorous living room of the Aeolian Islands.

Alicudi and Filicudi Almost like atolls, they are suitable for those who want to breathe only tranquility and relaxation, unique in their kind, with their small but deep paradisiacal coves they are two destinations to touch and escape, almost untouched by tourism for their natural small size .

In the westernmost point of Sicily there is Marsala, a city that takes its name from the wine of the same name.

In the nearby you can admire the lagoon of the Stagnone which, with its salt marshes, is rightly considered one of the most evocative scenarios in Sicily.

Marsala is a small town, with a beautiful baroque historic center full of historicity for culture lovers, a mild climate and a more or less peaceful. At night the city turns into a varied and dynamic center for the young people with its clubs and live music.

The city is renowned for the  wineries where you can taste the real Marsala wine, Sicilian pride and famous all over the world. Thanks to us you can organize guided tours and taste it in various local wineries.

Marsala and, specifically, the Stagnone lagoon has been an international kitesurfing destination for several years now, thanks to its omnipresent winds and its vast lagoon with a very shallow seabed that extends for km and km…. for us lovers of wind and sailing, a paradise all year round.

Pantelleria is the youngest island located south of Sicily.

Thanks to its volcanic characteristic it is a "" Black Pearl "" in the middle of the sea between Sicily and Tunisia, one of the most beautiful and fascinating islands in the Mediterranean.

It is a volcanic island, where nature wanted to create a heart-shaped lake in the center of the crater, the famous Lake of Venus, fed by rainwater and emerald and turquoise hot springs.The highest peak on the island has a cave with a particularly hot natural sauna, famous for its therapeutic waters. Scattered around the island are the fascinating housing structures of the local inhabitants, the so-called "" Dammusi "", and some of them will amaze you with their colorful secret gardens.

Fresh fish, intense scent of capers, and its famous “Passito” wine produced from sun-dried Zibibbo grapes, will make your daydream unforgettable.

San Vito Lo Capo e Scopello
Nature has been truly generous in this area, giving a crystalline sea with very fresh waters, sea beds to explore, beautiful white beaches.

Famous for hosting the Cous Cous Fest, a culinary event famous for the variety of cous cous, a symbol of union between different peoples and different cultures, deliciously prepared according to ancient Sicilian customs.

An immense expanse of white sand lapped by a warm turquoise sea, is the backdrop to Monte Monaco, a popular destination for the numerous sport climbing crags spiked and equipped by international athletes over the years, transparent waters with a Caribbean flavor, the lake of Venus, the bay of Macari are some of the wonderful coves in the Gulf of San Vitese, full of fish throughout the year.

Nearby you cannot miss the Zingaro Nature Reserve, a protected natural area not contaminated by the presence of any coastal road, Mediterranean scrub and scents, rich in vegetation that completely changes appearance when visited by the sea.

Within the Riserva dello Zingaro, the cove of Scopello with a very rich and unique seabed surrounded by the famous Faraglioni used as a backdrop for numerous Hollywood films.The beauty of this beach was even mentioned in Homer's Odyssey, where it is said that this beach was the last stop of Ulysses' journey just before return to Ithaca.

The Sicilian coasts have always offered wonderful beaches, crystal clear waters and a historicity and cultural antiquity that has been characterized by the numerous dominations that the island has had over the centuries.

The island is unique in its kind, nature, history and culture, without losing sight of the aspect of taste, blend thanks to the influence of different peoples, add that lace of North African climate and here comes the perfect recipe, made of flavors, colors and biodiversity unique in the world.

We leave the choice to you, between sporty sailing aboard our monohulls or relaxing sailing aboard our catamarans, certain that, whatever you choose, you will not regret it!

By boat, we are sure, you will experience our island from a unique and unforgettable perspective, different from the usual holidays.

Ustica a few miles by boat from Palermo, the perfect combination to make your dream holiday in Sicily come true.

Famous for its coasts and ravines where you can snorkel and dive in one of the best sites in the Mediterranean. The island offers dedicated areas in the Marine Protected Area, where expert guides can accompany you, giving you a real biology lesson and helping you discover the rich underwater biodiversity. Clear waters and splendid backdrops distinguish this enchanted island.

The unspoiled nature and its terrestrial reserve make the island attractive for birdwatching. The seabed is a real underwater museum, with amphorae, anchors and ancient artifacts waiting to be discovered.

The underwater cave at about 40 meters is famous, where Ustica shrimps live, very rare that you can only taste on the island.

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If you are thinking of investing in a new boat, contact our consultants!We will advise and accompany you in the investment choice most congenial to your needs, customizing the ad hoc management plan like a tailor-made suit for you. We will find the most suitable formula for you, whether you are vacationers, shipowners or pure entrepreneurs.

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